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10 reasons to invest in URUGUAY

1   Strongest social an political stability in Latin America.

2   Continues economic  growth and investment despite global slump.

3   Attractive free zone, free port an free airport regimes, and broad investment-related tax exemptions.

4   Access  to MERCOSUR, a US$2-trillion-GDP free trade zone that also includes Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

5   Best labor value fro money in the region.

6   Highest internet, broadband an PC penetration in Latin America.

7   98% of the territory has access to low-cost electricity and drinking water.

8   World-class free port facilities in Montevideo, the strategic regional hub for South America´s Southern Cone region.

9   Time zone in-between USA and Europe and a good complement to the East Asian time zone.

10 Nice weather an absence of natural disasters; plus abundance of water.

Modern infrastructure

Worl-class port facilities in Montevideo, a regional hub par excellence for South America`s Southern Cone region.

47.3% of the goods that enter the port of Montevideo are in transit to the region.

Boasts Latin America´s most dense highway network.

2009: new terminal at Montevideo airport, new Colonia ferry port and new Montevideo ring road.

Highest internet, broadband, PC and telephone penetration in Latin America (e.g. 123 mobile lines per 100 residents in 2009)

98% of territory with access to low-cost electricity (mostly from renewable sources) and drinking water..

*Source: World Economic Forum´s Global Competitiveness Report 2009/2010

USA                    17

Ireland                26

Uruguay             36

Chile                   37

Spain                   42

Hungary               52

New Zealand        53

Brazil                   55

Argentina             97

Tax and other incentives

Attractive legal framework for investments

Domestic and foreign investors are treated equally. Investments do not require prior authorization or registration and there is free transferability of capital and profits.

Investment projects may qualify for corporate income tax rebates ranging from 51% to 100% of age amount invested, plus rebates of other taxes. Corporate income tax, which exists only al the national level, is set at 25%.

Temporary Admission (similar to a drawback regime)

Allows companies to import inputs for the productive process free of tariffs for up to 18 months, as long al these are then incorporated to products to be exported or are used in the process.

Free Trade Zone

Areas exempt from corporate income and wealth tax as well as from any other tax created or to be created in the future. The introduction of goods into the free trade zones is exempt from all import levies.

Free Ports and Free Airport

Free  transit of goods. Goods are exempt from all import levies within ports. No authorizations or formal procedures are required.